The best time to visit the Languedoc

So when is the best time to be in the Languedoc/Occitanie? The short answer is ANYTIME!

Here are some of the highlights waiting for you when you come to Magalas:

January to March

Clear blue skies, long walks in the vineyard, wine tastings in the many thousands of wineries in the immediate area. The vine-pruners will be busy in all the thousands of acres of vineyards pruning each plant by hand. There is a saying here: Taille tot , taille tard , rien ne vaut la taille de mars. Prune early, prune late, nothing beats pruning in March. That’s said to be the best time for the plant to be tended to, but there are so many vines that need attention that the work has to start ed much earlier to get it all done before the leaves start shooting once more.

April to May

Oh these are the most wonderful of months. There are wild flowers bursting out absolutely everywhere and the fragrance on the air is intoxicating. Why not take a picnic and hike up to Mt Caroux, or along the Voie Verte?

June to August

These are the long, hot, sunny days of summer. You can head to the beach, walk in shady forests or canoe along rivers.  The trusty barbecue will be your best friend once you see all that the markets have to offer. Seafood is abundant and there are hundreds of shellfish restaurants along the coast, just waiting for you to make your choice. A mellow evening stroll beside the Mediterranean before shellfish and a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet is the perfect way to end a summer’s day.


Local road sign during the best grape harvest
Local road sign during the grape harvest

September to December

The grape harvest kicks off and the roads are sticky with juice dripping from myriad trailers transporting grapes to the cooperatives and domaines, ready to be made into the next vintage. Later the leaves fall and the very best of mushrooms appear. Chestnut and pumpkin soup appears on menus and village markets are full of winter foodstuffs and warm clothes which are ideal for those long sunny walks.