In January 2016  Languedoc-Roussillan became part of a new administrative region, Occitanie, joining with Midi-Pyrénées. Occitanie covers an area of just under 73,000 sq km (or about 28,000 sq miles) with a population of about 5.6m, and has Toulouse as its capital, about 200km from Magalas. Languedoc-Roussillon ( the ‘Languedoc’)  stretches from the Rhône valley in the east to the Spanish border in the south west, and covers about 27,000 sq km. It is a key wine making area with  some 740,000 acres (3,000 sq km) of vineyards, three times as many as Bordeaux! Wine has been made in the Languedoc for centuries, and there is even evidence of winemaking in Roman times, with the ruins of a first century AD winery  near Clermont l’Herault , just north of Magalas. There are many excellent wines made locally to Magalas.  Seigneurie de Peyrat is just outside Pezenas, and a marvellous place to visit and taste wine.